Thursday, December 12, 2013

WINNER at Jacque's Sunday SWEET STUFF!!

Happy, Happy Day to everyone!! I hope your week is going very well and that the stress of the holidays is at a minimum! I am pretending that the holidays don't exist!! Haha!!

Thank you all so much for participating in this week's Jacque's Sunday SWEET STUFF. I have done alot of soul-searching and have decided that I will let you know that this is the last of the prizes until after the holidays...and then after the beginning of the New Year, I will be deciding if I want to continue the weekly opportunities for you all. Surely you all recognize that this has been quite an expensive endeavor for me over the past year and since I also pay all shipping to places all over the world, it is constantly getting much more expensive as shipping costs continue to rise. So we shall see!! If you have suggestions or recommendations, I would love to hear them!!

Mr has made this week's selection and the winner is.....

Congratulations! Please leave a comment on this posting so that everyone knows that you have claimed your prize and send me an email with your mailing information before Saturday, December 14, at 12:00- AM EST so that your package can be sent right away!

Until the next time, Big Hugs to all!!


Olenkaja said...

Congrats Auntie Em :)

Adriana said...


KT Fit Kitty said...

Congrats to the Winner! And thank you, Jacque, for all the sweet stuff you have given out over the last year or more. I for one have appreciated the excitement of the giveaways! Very grateful for your generous spirit and totally understand that the cost is getting too high. Here in Canada postage is taking a huge jump next year - it's crazy! So totally understand and will still enjoy looking at your beautiful creations! Wishing you the best over the holidays!

rachel said...

well done auntie emm - but well done to you for providing these amazing goodies every week - I don't think anybody will blame you for not being able to continue with this - its very expensive!!!!! Have a wonderful Christmas Jacques and well done for keeping this going for as long xx

Rhonda Miller said...

Congrats Auntie Em!!

Jennifer Scull said...

first a big shout of congrats to Auntie Em!

but next I want to say a HUGE thank you to you, Jacque, for your kindness and generosity to EVERYONE!!! I know how expensive this gets, for shipping alone, not to mention the cost of the items, that you buy all by yourself. you pour so much of yourself into all you do, whether it's crafting, your Zumba, or whatever. you have every right to take a bit of a break or stop completely.

just know that you are appreciated.
wishing you a very Merry Christmas! :)

Romayne said...

I live in the UK where postage is now often prohibitive even just for sending a decoupage card, but I'd be more than happy to pay postage on any prize won - think if you suggested even part payment towards postage cost it would be more than fair - could easily be done through Paypal etc.

Just a thought.

Thanks for all the opportunities you've provided thus far.

Have a wonderful Christmas.
God bless x

D- said...

This is completely understandable.
If you want to continue the giveaways maybe have them be monthly instead of weekly.
Maybe you could try to find some sponsors that would donate digital prizes that wouldn't require postage.
Or if you do have the winner pay postage please remember that not everyone has a Paypal account.
Just a few ideas that popped into my head.
Happy Holiday!
Crafty hugs,