Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Thank You SWEET STUFF!!!!!

I haven't had time to make a card for you today because I have so many cards due over the next 5-6 days BUT I did have you in my thoughts when I made this SWEET STUFF for my FOLLOWERS!!! I appreciate you all so much and I hope I show it to you over and over! I have reached the over 3000 FOLLOWERS level so in order to thank you over the next several weeks you will see SWEET STUFF often!!! I hope you like this little desk ensemble because I have 3 more to make for you all if you like it!!! I have also been shopping for a special SWEET STUFF which I hope to have all together soon....smiles!!!

For those of you who KNOW me, I would love to share that I had a NORMAL mammogram last week....although my Vitamin D and C levels mean I still take super-duper of both. And we are now trying to lower my CEA level which is now at a 10 (down from 11 when I had cancer)--the normal being a 3...but we can do that, huh? For any of you nurses, let's keep this situation to ourselves!!! lolol... PLEASE remember those mammograms!!!!!

I made a basket desk ensemble for you today...taking a plain natural basket, spraying it lightly with white paint and using eyelet ruffles, pink gingham ribbon, and a rose to decorate it. It holds the following from the same Shabby Chic design (blue with pink roses)....journal, magnetic list pad, 8 note cards, 8 enclosure cards, twisted notepad, pen, 1 pack of rhinestones, 2 rolls of matching ribbon, 3 bunches of mulberry roses, 1 Maggie!!!!!

I am asking that you be a FOLLOWER of my blog and I would appreciate it alot if you would mention the SWEET STUFF on your blog and link back to this posting. If you don't have a blog I hope you will tell your crafting friends about the SWEET STUFF. The deadline for this SWEET STUFF will be Monday, January 31 at Noon EST so that I can get another surprise on my blog for YOU!!! Please leave your info with the little Blue Froggy below!!!

My sincere thanks to each of you along with a big hug!!!!


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JLJ Designs said...

Jacque - Yeah for the good news! I'm sure you'll get the levels where they're supposed to be! You are so generous! I'm looking forward to seeing your cards over the next few days.


♪♫♥ Charity Crafter ♪♫♥ said...

You so deserve to be well x enjoy x enjoy x enjoy x I am so very pleased for you x Leigh x

beverlyd said...

congratulations on the great news!!!

Lillian Child said...

Oh how wonderful you must feel - great news! Such a huge blessing! HUGS!

Gina L said...

That is awesome, awesome, fantabulous, wonderful news! I am so happy for you. My aunt is a breast cancer survivor and I love hearing positive stories. Your courage and determination, not to mention your positive attitude, have been very inspiring. I don't always comment, but I think of you and your journey and send many positive thoughts your way!

Gram's Treasures said...

So glad to hear that the results were good, and keep up the positive attitude! I look forward to seeing your cards over the next couple of days...looks like you've been keeping busy. The sweet stuff looks scrumptious like always...thanks so much for sharing.
Joyce xx

Rosie said...

Ooooh Jackie, another chance for some AWESOME candy! Glad to hear the good news!

Rene said...

CONGRATS on a normal mammy!!!!!
Rene :D

Trickut said...

What a nice giveaway. I am so happy for you that your mammogram was normal.


Regina said...

Dear Jacque !!! Guess who is one of my favorite artists??? That is a wonderful follower number and you deserve much more!!!:))) I´m so glad for such wonderful news!!! I´m very sure that soon your CEA level will be normal too!!!
Take very care of yourself!!!
Big hugs!!! amd a kiss on your heart!

Sandra said...

great news! will continue to keep you in my prayers.
Sandra ltb

Trickut said...

Oops forgot to mention I posted this on my blog.


Sandy said...

What beautiful presents you give! Congratulations on a clean mamo - I know you Jacque. You said this would not get you down and by gosh I believe you!

Rufus said...

That's GREAT news Jacque! Keep up the good work and we'll keep up all the good thoughts. Another Sweet Stuff, you are so generous!

Brenda said...

I don't have a blog, so used your URL to enter. Good news about your test result. Thank you for sharing and for the chance.

Jean said...

Hi Jacque, you will be just fine, just keep taking those vitamins and Iwould have my CEA level checked again.. I always have everything checked twice.. the labs always mess things up... Anyway I have lots of faith in you and your doctors. YOU are going to be just fine.. God in on your side... The candy is just great really smart idea.. you are really giving someone a great chance to win something beautiful...
Hug and kisses, Jean

Lolô Artesanato said...

Gorgeous news, tks God!!!!
Tks and xoxo
I posted about this candy in my blog how to gadget

Teri said...

Oh, Jacque, what wonderful news you gave us!! I am so happy for you!!! Just keep on doing whatever you're doing, cause it's obviously working, my dear!!! My sister starts her chemo on Feb. 1, so I am going to try to keep her spirits high and you are my inspiration to do that!!! So thank you!!!!!
By the way, that basket is just too, too, too adorable!!!!!! (and the goodies in it ain't bad either!! LOL!!)
Hugs to you!!!

Asas à imaginação said...

I post your new sweet stuff in the lateral bar of my blog!
Thanks for the new opportunity,generous dear person!!!
Big hug

Tammy said...

So happy that you had some great news...I know that the other will follow with your numbers. Sending you a prayer and a hug too! You are definately an inspiration to others. Mamo's are just so important.

Patricia Hurlburt said...

Sooo good to hear that you received some good news. You definately deserve to hear only wonderful things from here on.
This basket is gorgeous!! Thanks so much for sharing!!
:) Patti

Vaktmästarn said...

Wonderful news! Keep focusing on everything positive in life and the rest will get sorted out sooner och later. You are a strong and beautiful person.

Hugs, Outi

Danielle Champagne said...

Hello Jacque, I am so happy to read those good news about your health. And so proud to be one of your followers, you inspire me in arts and in heart.
Take care Hon.
Hugs. Danielle.

Denise said...

Hi Jacque!
Glad to hear the good news!
Thanks for another chance for some AWESOME candy!



Teresa said...

Hi Jacque! thanks for remember we have to do a mammogram!
And thanks again for the candy! your fans are very happy! I get the link to my blog! a big hug!

Gi said...

Congratulations, Jacque!
Already am his follower.I posted about this candy in my blog
Big Hug


Always lots of sugar :o) Love the sweet stuff, and love always seeing your beautiful artwork! Thank You!

Linda Peo. said...

Great to hear the good news of a clear Mamm., You are such a dear, with many "fans" wishing you a full and complete recovery. I can't believe the wonderful candy you so generously offer time after time. You are such an insparation!
Hugs and my prayers...Linda

Corinne said...

Glad to hear your wonderful news Jacque. Love the sweet stuff you have posted today....take care. You're in my prayers.

Andrea said...

What a great bunch of sweet stuff.

Nancy said...

Congrats on your normal mammogram! Let's get those other numbers down too, ok? At least you are headed in the right direction. I posted your sweet stuff on my blog and mentioned that you are one of my heroes. You are amazing. Thank you for sharing your sweet spirit along with your talents and sweet stuff. (((Hugs)))

Chrissy said...

Well if that isnt the best news Ive heard all week.Congratulatons. A positive and fighting spirit wins everytime.
Thanks for another chance at sweet candy, looks wonderful.

Kelly Massman said...

Glad to hear that your mammogram came back normal! Love your pink candy! Thanks!

Linda Imler said...


I'm so glad your mamo came back normal.Pretty soon your CEA level will be down to normal too.
Thanks for the chance to win some great candy. See you on my blog sometime.

Linda I aka Craftin Kay

Sara said...

Congrats on the clean mammogram! You can do whatever you put your mind too! And I / We will be right here by your side! Thanks again for the wonderful Sweet Stuff! You are so generous! Hugs To You!! Have a great night! Happy Creating! Sara

Danielle said...

Oh Jacque, I'm so happy to you have had a NORMAL mammogram - that truly is an answered prayer! I will keep praying the rest of your numbers get back to normal levels. And thank you for sharing such a gorgeous basket of candy - your generosity never ceases to amaze me! You are one very deserving lady of 3000+ followers!
Hugs, Danielle

Becky Dunham said...

Very good news! Will keep you in my prayers that things continue to improve :) Thanks so much for this sweet candy - you are so nice to us and speaking for myself it is a joy to follow your blog - I don't need candy incentive. Not that I would turn it away :) I posted your link on my blog

jodyb said...

Wonderful news! and thanks for the opportunity for some awesome candy!Your blog is very inspiring! Hugs, Jody

Tracy said...

Wonderful news for you! I haven't been a follower here long having just found you, but I always enjoy seeing your projects. :-) You have been so generous with all the sweet stuff lately. Thanks for the chance to win. I'll post your candy in my sidebar.

Ronda Archangelo said...

Glad to hear you have much to celebrate!! Congrats on the outstanding news...we're all praying for you :-)

Ms. Jen said...

Jacque! That is fantastic news!! Yippee, doin a happy dance for you. I'll be sending up prayers that things keep on this track for you!

Hugs - Jen

iluvmybugs said...

So happy for the good news Jacque!!! :o)

I've posted your Sweet Stuff on my sidebar.

Cor* said...

Good for you with the clean mammogram! And being a nurse myself, you secret is safe with me! lol! Thanks for the sweet stuff! Another kind gesture! Wishing you well! Keep taking them pills!

Justine said...

So glad to hear about your great mammo. I am recovering from a large biopsy where the Drs were convinced and had prepped me for "C"... I had to go back in just to double verify that they had said BENIGN. Praise The Lord

paperpapier said...

Great to hear the good news and I hope more good news to come. That's a sweet sweet candy...the pink flowers just melted my heart ..thanks Jacque for sharing sweet stuff.
hugs, Heaney

Linda Palmer said...

Jacque I read your blog everyday and am a follower but do not know how to link your candy. I am very new to blogging and haven't learned to link yet. I love all your creations and they are all beautiful. TFS!

Jana Vicki Gates said...

So happy to hear about the good news!! Thank you for the generous sweet stuff Jacque! I look forward to the new cards. You are always such an inspiration!

alethea said...

I am so glad that you have had good news this week!!! I have a friend with a son who has leukaemia and he is not doing so well this week!! So he is in my thoughts as are you that you continue receiving good news!!
Thanks for the chance to win some yummy swet stuff!! i have posted in my sidebar!!

ursula Uphof said...

Wonderful news Jacque.I am sure your CEA lelvels will come down too. Just being your positive self is going to help. You are just sooooo generous dear Jacque, thanks again for the chance to win.

SNOOPY said...

(If this is a duplicate post, I apologize. My first one just disappeared from my screen.)

A normal mammogram! Woohoo for you!!!What fantastic news. You must be so excited.

Thank you so much for offering this blog candy!I have placed your candy on my blog with a link back here. I will also tell my friends about it.

Snoopy :D

I hope I win! I hope I win! I hope I win!

fionalawlor said...

Hi Jacque!
Great to hear the fab news and also congratulations on 3000 followers! Wow ,that is amazing, but not surprizing as your blog is so gorgeous! I have posted your yummy sweet stuff on my blog :o)
Fiona x

ellabella said...

I´m so happy to hear that the results were good, and keep up the positive attitude! I look forward to seeing your cards over the next couple of days.
Greetings from Berlin-Germany

Shirley N said...

I won't enter this because I've already won one of your sweet stuff, Jacque, but just wanted to say YAY!!! on your fantabulous news about a normal mammogram!!! Also congrats on your 3000 following! Great news!!!

Jannie said...

Congrats on the clean mammogram!Wonderful news Jacque!.
And thank you for sharing such a gorgeous basket of candy.
Have a nice day.

Hugs Jannie.

Tiiti said...

Hi Jacque, and thanks again for a chance for a amazing candy. I am very glad to hear that you've received some good news!

Lepesto4ex said...

Congratulations on the great news!!!

Jayne said...

congratulations on the great news and keep up the good spirit.. you a wonderful person who tell honnest about how you feel.... i really think about you..

hugs Jayne

Daria said...

Congratulations Jacque! And thanks for chance.

Harma said...

Wonderful ,wonderful news Jacque,I am so happy for you.Thanks for the chance to win some yummy sweet stuff!! I love the basket.
Looking forward to your new cards.
Big hug and keep good care of your self.

Cricket said...

Jacque, that is great news. I am so happy for you. Thank you for your generosity and the chance for us to win.


Hi Jaque
So glad you have had good news and thankyou for the chance to win some fabulous candy,
Hugs Dianne xx :)

Sinikka said...

Hi Jacque, ofcourse you can lower the CEA level. Cross my fingers that it will be soon.
Thanks again for offering such a sweet stuff candy.
Hugs Sinikka

Linda said...

what a great news, I am so happy for you. Thanks fot the chance to win
hugs Linda Dekker

Lana said...

Dear Jacque!
Thank you for the candy!
I wish you all the best, be healthy and good luck!
Big hugs to you!

Anonymous said...

So happy to hear your good news! Having mammos are not a lot of fun, but definitely a necessity. I used to do them!
big hugs!

Sol said...

Fantastic to hear that your mammogram was ok!!! Hope everything else is going the right way too!!! :o)... Big Hug for You!!! :o)

Ofcourse we will settle with just some sweet stuff for Now! :o) No Problem!! Thank you so much for the chance! :o)

Green-Eyed Girl said...

Dear Jaque, I'm happy to hear such wonderfull news about you! You'll see, everything is going to be better and better :)) I think you're a natural born fighter.
Thanks for this week's sweet stuff. Very sweet of you :)

Queenie Jeannie said...

You always have the most *delicious* candy!!! Thank you yet again!

Great news on the health front - keep going!!!!

Jolara said...

So happy to hear, congrats ! Hugs joyce

Ольга Панкова said...

I'm glad to see that good news! Congratulations!

Lori said...

Hi Jacque! Very very good news :) That is encouraging! I don't have breasts anymore so I don't have mammograms, but my next 6 month checkup is on Monday. It sounds like you have excellent people in the medical field taking such good care of you - that encourages me! Sometimes it seems that we have to go through the bad to become even better than before :)

Thanks for the sweet are so very generous!!!
Love and hugs ~ Lori

Helene said...

Hi Jacque,

I'm so glad to hear that your mammogram was normal, such a great good news to start this year.
You are such a generous person and a inspiring crafter.

Frea said...

Hi Jacque, I'm sooo glad to hear your mammograms are fine!! That is good news! The rest you told me I have no knowledge of, but I just trust that you will be alright, I'm sure you will!! Thank you for the sweet stuff, I would visit your blog anyday anytime, no sweet stuff needed cause you're so sweet yourself and sooo talented!! Big HUGE hug, XOXOXO Frea

ScrapDees said...

what a great news for you, good to hear and let's hope it is keep going better!

love desiree

10na said...

You are one of the strongest women I`ve ever "met". I admire your spirit. I`m glad to know thwat your mammograms are fine. Greetings from Denmark. xoxo 10na

Dot said...

Have a great day Jacque, I'm so glad to hear the good news.
hugs Dorte

Maryann said...

Sooooo glad to hear, that the mammogramas were fine. Yu sure deserve to get some good news now after all, you´ve been throug sofar. I really admire your strenght, and I hope, I can show some of that too, when I´m going in for my 3rd major backsurgery in a couple of weeks here, so I can sure need that LOL.
Thanks sooo much for the chance to win more of your wonderful sweet stuff. It´s truely amazing and so are you hun.

Debbie said...

great news, i'm waiting for a mammogram and the results of a biopsie. and your giving a great candy away. a was already a follower, (love your work)

greatings from Holland


cebelica said...

That's great news. I'm very pleased for you! You're such a sweet person and I wish you just the best.


Susy said...

Great news, I have been thinking of you!!!!
Super Sweet Stuff, you are so generous!!!
Have a nice day too you!!
Hugs Susy

Christa said...

Wowwwwwwww what a great news to hear that the mammogram was fine!! Keep up the good spirit Jacque! You are an inspiration for us as artist and fighter ...
Thanks again for this candy ...


Сашинамама (latyana) said...

Hi, Jacque, I am so happy for you:)
Thanks for the sweet stuff!

Hags from Ukraine.

Татьяна said...

This is absolutely stunning
The shabby colors are so tender. I put it on my sidebar just to look at it again and again! Thank you for a chance!
And huuuge congratulations about 3000 followers - this is an incredible number!!

Nina said...

Dear Jacque! I'm very happy about the good news! Hugs Nina

Elsina said...

That is such wonderful WONDERFUL news, having a normal mammogram! I am so happy for you! God bless!!!

Also congrats on 3000 followers. Amazing!

Sabina said...

this are very good news jacque!!!!!!
Thank you for the chance to win this great candy.
I like your blog very, there are so great projects.

Fiona said...

great news about your mammogram. fab candy and thanks for the chance to win.


Nelly said...

Jacque I'm so happy to hear this good news!!! BRAVO!
I hope your positive view in your life to be your "doctor" and soon to be remission!!!

Shirley said...

Jacque: you go girl! (I know the feeling of good news as being a survivor for almost 13 years). Enjoy life to the max and thanx for sharing you're great candy offer with us!
Hugs, Shirley

Scrappymax said...

Jacque that is such wonderful news and I am sure it wont be long before they get your levels spot on. You are such an inspiration and I love coming to your blog.
Congratulations on your 3000 followers

Masya said...

Jacque к сожалению я абсолютно не знаю английского. Ваш блог читаю с помощью переводчика. Ваши работы просто обворожительны и не перестают восхищать меня. БРАВО!!! Здоровья вам и дальнейших творческих успехов

Lauren Colless said...

Wow what gorgeous sweet stuff, I love how PINK it is :) And congratulations on your normal mammogram, that is great news!!

Tine said...

That is brilliant news Jacque & I wish you continued good health. Thank you for giving us all a chance to win such a delightful basket of goodies.
Tine :)

Christine Levison said...

Glad to hear your BRILLIANT news - and congrats on your 3000! I'm at 34 and still trying! a way to go huh? hehe..
And thanks for the chance of this sweet stuff..
Christine x

Miria said...

Hi, Jacqui. I'm so happy about good news! Thank for this new sweet stuff, I hope it's the good one! Hugs from Italy Miria xx

Helen Philips said...

Good news! I hope you feel better now. Thank you for the sweet stuff.

Marlies said...

I'm so glad that you had good news! You are on the good road now, keep on going.
Thanks for the chance to win another lovely candy
you are realy too generous!
hugs, Marlies

bre said...

I'm glad to read about good news and hope that everything will be ok!
Thank you for sweet stuff!

Mandy said...

Congrats Jacques that's wonderful news, you are heading in the right direction, you can manage to lower the CEA level as you are such an amazingly positively lady.
Thanks for the chance to win some gorgeous sweet stuff
hugs Mandy xx

Sian said...

Thank God for your good news and hope they can lower your CEA levels.
Gorgeous candy, very fresh and girly :)
big hugs

Marianne said...

This is great news!! I'very glad for you!
Thank you again for this wonderful chance to win the sweet stuff!!

Kathleen said...

Great to hear your great news.
Thank you for the chance to win the sweet candy. Already a follower.
Kathleen x

theCook said...

I have absolutely no idea what CEA is, so I'm sticking to the good news of the normal mammogram... as you had written about seing your doctors and didn't put an update, I was affraid to ask, so glad it's good news!
As usual, I've posted your sweet stuff in my sidebar.
By the way, did you receive my postal address for the one I was lucky enough to win?

Anonymous said...

That's great news Jacque, so pleased for you! Thank you for the chance to win some more fab candy!
Helen x

Annelie said...

So happy for you Jacque! It´s great to hear the good news though I don´t really know you :)
Take care!!
Hugs Annelie

OL_LI said...

Dear Jacque ! Congrats on your normal mammogram! I believe that your CEA level will be normal soon! Take care! I posted your sweet stuff on my right sidebar. Thank s for the chance to win your so sweet candy!

Ksenia said...

Dear Jacque! I'm glad your mammogram is normal!
Thank for your sweet stuff! I've mentioned it in my blog/

Anne said...

Wow! What a beautiful basket of goodies. I am keeping my fingers and everything else crossed that this exceedingly generous bundle of loveliness come my way. :)
Anne x

D K Crafts said...

Hi Jacque. Wonderful news and I'm sure everything else will fall into place for you. Thanks for the chance to enter your sweet stuff. Donna

judith@poppy cottage said...

Great news for you, thanks for the chance to enter, Judith xx

lucretia said...

Hey Jacque, really pleased for you. You must be feeling pretty good just now. Hope it continues for you.

Lenas kort said...

Super cute candy :-) I have put it on my side bare :-) Have a great day :-)

angelique (anlou) said...

hiya sweetie
this is so my color
thank you so much for a chance hunni
i hope to win this amazing sweet stuff
i'm so glad that your doing better sweetie
our year started bad, and that's continu to the present, my hubby is still in the hospital and will be transfert to a special hospital for transplantation for new lungs, if he get's on the list, that news we received yesterday
hugs angelique

Chiaretta said...

I don't know you but I'm glad for your good news :)
Thanks again for your sweet stuffs, they are SO SO SO cute!!!

Jolanda said...

congratulations on your great news!!!
I have put your sweet stuff on my sidebar for all to see :)

Vivi Casale said...

Oh Jacque, that is good news!! I'm hear still praying for you my friend!!
Awewsome sweet suff and WOW 3000 followers, that is awesome!!

Mummylade said...

Grats on the good news honey! Keep those positive numbers coming =)

alzearte said...

So happy to hear about the good news!! Thank you for the generous sweet stuff Jacque! I look forward to the new cards. You are always such an inspiration!

Tina said...

Hi Jacque!
Glad to hear the good news!
Thanks for another chance for some AWESOME candy!



debra said...

Hi Jacque
That's got to be the best news so far for 2011 for you, and it will only get better now, you know how quickly we can count down from 10 to 0 so get cracking girl.
Amazing candy you always make it that little bit extra special for everyone with your personal touch
hugs Debbie

ARDILLA said...

Hello, Jacque!
I'll keep you in my prayers... You are fighting a battle and you are not alone :)

Thanks for the chance, I really hope to win, this basket is so gorgeous! Beautiful work!!!

Be well,


Kym's Crafty Cards said...

Jacque, oh what good news. It must have been such a relief. Fingers crossed things just get better and better. Thanks for the chance of winning some candy. I'd love to be in with a chance. Sending healing hugs from across the water. Best wishes, Kym xxx

*mieke* said...

Always lots of sugar:-) Love the sweet stuff, and love always seeing your beautiful cards! Thank You for evertything you share with us!
Love from Holland...Mieke

Kietha said...

Great news Jacque :o) you must have been so relieved.
Kietha xx

Aussie Loz said...

Jacque this is gorgeous!! No wonder you've had no time to make a card!!
Congrats on the mamogram! Whoo Hoo! Best of luck ♥

Chiara said...

Ciao Jacque,
ti faccio tanti auguri per la tua salute e sono contenta che tu abbia buone notizie :-)
Ti ringrazio per questo candy, è bellissimo, e il cestino è un amore!!!
Spero di essere la fortunata vincitrice!!! ;-)))

a presto

Happy Days said...

Really pleased to hear your news. Things really do look like they are moving on the right direction for you.

Thanks yet again for offering such sweet candy. xx

Sandra - Phartesanato said...

Olha eu de novo aqui, lindo seu blog, adoro te visitar, Um abraço, muito sucesso e saúde!!


Karuna said...

I love the spirit with which you live! U r a winner in all sense. I am very happy to know you doing well and pray that you do better soon.
Love n hugs!


Jacque, you're a wonderful person, full of affection with everyone! Prepares such a beautiful thing for us! I always drool for their kits and their wonderful cards! You are so talented! I want one day to paint magnolias like you!!

Lynda Nielsen said...

Awwww Jacque... This is such good news! I'm so glad to hear it! Now to bring that CEA Level down... You can do it!!! =)
Big Big Hugs,

SannaS said...

You're so sweet to offer your sweet stuff for as all the time, thanks so much for the chance!! =)
Glad to hear your good news!!
Hugs, SannaS

Mona E said...

Hi Jacque!

So happy that you`ve got some good news. Just keep on staying positive and strong and you`ll see that everything will work out for you. You really deserve that. I wish you all the best. Hugs...Mona

yvon said...

I'm so happy for you with this good news and you are such a nice and generous person. Thank you so much for the chance, again and congrats with so many followers. You're such an inspiration for a lot of women.
Hugs, Yvon

Suzi said...

Fantastic news Jacque about the Mamogram, I'm sure those sweet Drs will do everything to get those levels as low as they can. Thank you so much once again for thinking of us with such sweet candy. You are a very generous and sweet lady.
Suzi x

Lourdes said...

Hello Jacque!....I'm very happy to hear from you that your mammogram was normal...I'm an old follower of your work, so I'm happy to hear that news!

Thanks for the chance to win

Big hugs from Spain


Lynne said...

SO happy to hear that you Mamogram was "Normal"..i bet thats the best word you have heard for a long time!! Your so positive, just amazing! I have been nagging my Mum to go and have a Mamogram done...she has now got it booked!
Love your basket and all its contents, your such a kind person.
Lynne x

Pedacinhos di Pano by Claudia said...

Hi Jacque!

I'm happy with the good news. I believe that with his strength will be 100% recovered.

I've posted in the sidebar.


AnjaCardz said...

I'm so happy with you about the very good news! I really admire your strongness and your decision to make it public and share your fate with us!!! Deeply wish you all the best, Jacque!
Hugs from Germany,

Anonymous said...

Wow great news, i think we should give you something instead of you to us. But hey that shows again who you are.

Thanks for a other chance to win.


Magali said...

Quantas maravilhas de Candys.

Vicky McClean said...

Your medical news is great Jacque and as ever you are being very generous, i will post your candy in my sidebar as i always have done, good luck to everyone including me! lol, keep going the way you are Jac xxxx hugs vick xxxx

Melissa Bove (SCS ~ Melissa1872) said...

Oh Jacque, I am so happy for you!! I wish you nothing but health and happiness!! You are a beautiful person inside and out!!

Gorgeous giveaway!

I posted your generous giveaway on my blog's Candy Corner!


Tabitha said...

Woo Hoo for good news. Now to get your levels down. You can do it. You have such a positive attitude. Nothing is impossible with God. ;0)

Chrissie said...

So so pleased to hear about the mammogram Jacque and sending you lots of hugs and good wishes for your CEA levels to reduce very soon.
Just loving your 'shabby chic' set, you are always so generous to your followers.
Off to pop your candy on my blog.
lol Chrissie xx

LesleyfromWI said...

I'm glad all is well. I have my mammograms next week. yuck I don't have a blog but I will post on FB. Thanks for the chance to win!

Gloria said...

Wow, sweet stuff is right. Thanks for the chance to win. I really enjoy your blog and look forward to see what creations you come up with. Thanks again.

tammejean said...

Great News on the good results!!! So happy for you.

Debbi said...

YAY!! I'm cheering for you, Jacque, and SO thankful for your happy news. I'll continue to pray that your levels will get back to normal. Thank you so much for sharing your progress!
And thanks for the chance (again!) to win such sweet goodies.

kathr said...

Glad to hear things are looking up for you Jacque, great candy yet again, how do you do it.. Hope the levels come done soon...Happy Crafting and keep the inspiration coming...hugs Kath...

helen ... said...

hi jacke , thank you for another chance to win and for the advice =), i hope yor vitamin lever be within the normal soon,ok

big hugssssss ¡¡¡¡


AsilisA MaM said...

Dear Jacque, Thank you very much, that you think about us every day and give us something special every day - your great art work or a sweet things like today. I sared with this info in my blog to let our Russian scrapers chance to meet so tallented and insperational person.
I noted that the number of your followers is over 3000 and we all around the world is wishing your health be better from day to day and you can show us something of your new creation. Good luck our dear Jacque

Kat said...

Good news about your mammogram and hope you get your CEA levels down too.

Sweet stuff looks amazing, thanks for the chance to win.

Looking forward to seeing more of your gorgeous cards over the next few days.

Take care,

Kat x

DesignerDiva said...

Jacque, I don't understand all that medical jargon but I really hope that it is all good news for you, I barely know you, but I could tell straight away that you are a beautiful person who has the biggest heart x Laurie x

Adriana said...

That's great news Jacque! Keep up the good work and we'll keep up all the good thoughts. Another Sweet Stuff, you are so generous!

sleeplesswonder said...

Great News Jacque, I wish you health and happiness. My mom is going for her mammogram tomorrow, (on her Birthday) not such a nice birthday gift. :(
I love the basket, and the goodies. Thanks for the chance to win it, you have a very big heart, and are very generous.
Melissa D

Deb said...

So glad to hear your good news Jacque - you have always inspired me, both with your creativity and your courage. Today, more than ever, I look at you as a beacon of hope - my best friend from the cradle is undergoing a radical left mastectomy today - she was diagnosed four weeks ago. I know that her prognosis is good and have told her about your incredible year-long journey and determination to overcome. She lives quite far away and there is nothing I would cherish more than to hug her and be there for her, but since that can't happen, my prayers will have to do for now. Thank you once again, dear lady, for all the hope you give to others.
Maggie Hugs,

Deb T.

Bettina said...

wonderful news. i got some sad news the other day. my friend has breast cancer and its in her lymph things too. she will start medication next week. i now she will be fine its just a little chocking news. thank you for your fab sweet stuff. ill keep praying for you. hugs

Lucy said...

so glad to hear your progress. prayers are being sent your way. Lucy

Tanya said...

So happy to hear your good news! :)

Tanya R said...

Good to hear you had a normal mammogram. Hope you get those vitamin levels up to par. Your candy is just so pretty, pink is such a soft color.

Shazza said...

so happy to hear your results Jacque, long may it continue. Thank you for the sweet stuff x

Armenta4some said...

You are an inspiration to all of us! Many blessings and thank you for sharing your story!

La Vikinga said...

Hi Jacque and congratulations to the "normal" mammoram - must be a huge relief after al this time of hard treatment/medication and all!!!

I was surprised there was no card today, but remember; it's not for us you make the cards, right, it's for YOU! Your pleasure and your well-being comes first!

Greetings from Sweden.

Judy said...

So glad to hear your good news!! And thanks for the chance to win that lovely basket of sweet stuff!

Brenda said...

Jacque, so glad to hear you have had a normal mammogram!! I suffer low Vit D and know this lowers your energy, I hope you can get all your levels up where they need to be.
Your gifts are always so fabulous!! As is this one!

Louise said...

How lovely to read the fab news of your normal mammogram and I'm sure the level on the other test will come down soon. Thank you for being such a positive person and sharing news with your followers. Thanks also for yet another wonderful candy - the basket is delightful and congratulations on your 3,000 followers which is no surprise at all.

Lyse said...

Hi Jacque,
I hope your vitamines level will be OK so you'll be OK too. Thank you very much for another chance to win this lovely sweet stuff.


Hege said...

Jacque- I'm so happy for you!!!
Congratulations on your 3000 followers! Your work is a true inspiration to all of us!

Your generous sweet stuff is beautiful! Thank you for the opportunity to win!

Love, Hege

Glenda said...

Awesome news, Jacque! May you be truly blessed in 2011!
Happy Stampin'

Helen said...

That's good news. Keep going strong. Thanks for another adorable sweet stuff; I'll give it another try. Regards, Helen

Anonymous said...

Wow! That Sweet Stuff is simply lovely!!

I got here via Aussie Loz's blog, and I'm glad I did. You are very talented!!

Even though I don't know you, I am happy to read your news. My Ma's cousin just had a breast removed but she is doing great - it is always so good to hear of success stories!

I'm a new follower and I can't wait to lurk your blog for inspiration!!

Michelle said...

It is so nice to read you are doing so well Jacque

jaycee said...

I just had to finally write to you as you have been such an inspiration to me in more then just one area in my life...I hope that doesn't sound too weird, lol! You are by far one og the most inspiring, generous, upbeat and positive people I have come across wheather that be in blogland or IRL. Your cards are no less then pieces of artwork and I love admiring each of them & look forward to you posting them!

Your personal story of cancer hits close to home as my aunt/ godmother died of Ovarian cancer at the age of 32, I was only 8 at the I'm 32. My dad is a young prostrate cancer survivor, my grandma a breast cancer survivor and my very good college friend a testicular cancer survivor (diagnosed when we were 27).

I'm sharing this because of everyone's story I've read and/or heard about yours is the most positive and upbeat! You have been in my prayers and will continue to be! It's stories like yours that renew my faith in the human spirit because you choose to keep giving even though you are going through a trying time! I'm so happy to hear about your mammagram and I know that those other tests and numbers will continue to show great can they not?! All my love!

Stephanie said...

congrats on having a normal mammogram...woohoo!! My mom is cancer free now for 5 years! She lives each day doing what she wants & buying what she desires....that's a great way to live. =)

thank you for sharing your goodies with us!

Madoka said...

I'm so happy

Look this

Bobbi said...

So glad to hear the news about your mammogram. I am sure your numbers will get better as you are a fighter and I believe your positive attitude helps. I have to schedule a mammogram this month as I just turned 40 and my doctor told me not to mess around to get it done because not only does cancer run in the family but breast cancer is the most prevalent. Thank you for sharing your story as it is an inspiration to all.

Margreet said...

congrats on the good news concerning your mammogram glad for you....thanks for giving the chance to win this fab sweet stuff!
xxx Margreet

Rainmac said...

What fabulous news!!! Thank you for sharing your journey and your beautiful creations. Your candy looks soooo gorgeous, thank you for the chance to win xxx

Sylvia said...

Hello Jaqcue,

What a good news that the mammogram was good. You are a sufavar!!! Keep up the good spirit! I know sometimes it is difficalt (my dad had cancer).
And than you make those faboules cards an creations and inspire so many people. If you can you send us massages back. All the energie you have left, you gif it to other people, that's what i admire the most! For that a realy big hug from my to you!!!!!!!


Christine said...

Hi Jaqcue many congrats on your clean mammogram..I'm a BC survivor of 7yrs..good positive thoughts, onward & upward girl keeping you in my thoughts..thanks for the chance of theis gorgeous sweet stuff

smiles Christine xx

Therese said...

Great news. I`m so happy for you.
Thanks for the chance to win this gorgeous candy. I`m already a follower. Hugs! :)

Kras said...

Hi Jacque.

Today the weather is sunny and I feel and I'm glad for your good condition.


Marcelle said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Marcelle said...

Hi Jacque
I wish you all the best on your journey!
And if I hadn't said before: I love your Blog!

Колина said...

this is really SWEET!!!
thank you!
my prayers and hugs are for you though i don't know you.

THERESA said...

Just became a follower and can see why you have such a whopping number of followers, WOW, you are creative, simply stunning !! A Big congrats on reaching such a target!! I am a major fan of Tilda, but they are super expensive in SOUTH AFRICA, so i just drool over others cards, shew, hope i did not wet yours too much........hehehe
Have a great day and i will e back to look at your next creation !!
lotsa luv

Berit said...

Great news! I'm happy for you:)

Thanks for the chance to win all this sweet stuff:)

Hugs, Berit

Rene said...

Soooo happy for you Jacque, what a positive person you are and a Craft Queen!!! Thanks for the chance to win.
Rene from OZ xo

Tracey Brossart said...

I so look forward to seeing your new truly keep me inspired, from your courage to your wonderful talent!! I hope for only positive news to keep coming for you!

And what super sweet stuff and oh so pink!! Thanks again for the chance to win! Oh and congrats on all of your very deserved followers! :D


izunika said...

That's good news.Congrats

Nicola said...

So happy for your great news. Thats wonderful.

Your sweet stuff are so cute. Thanks for the chance to win.

Hugs Nicola

Andrea said...

Congratulations on your normal mammogram - hope your CEA levels are back to normal soon too!
Your generosity amazes me - your candy is beautiful - and I truly would love to own it!
Love, Andrea xx

kimmie_35 said...

Hi, Jacque. Glad to hear your news is good, you are such an inspiration... candy looks delicious, thank you for the chance to win.

Carole RB said...

Hi Jacque

Great for your good news. You must be very happy. Congrats on your 3000 followers. No wonder why: you have a great blog You make so beautiful cards.

Thanks for the opportunity to win.

Since I don't have a blog I used a false url to participate with the little blue frog.

You can reache me at caroricbreton at hotmail dot com.

Diamond Doll said...

Hiya Jacque Fab news about your Normal Mammogram and i,m sure those levels will come down with time,I have not had a mammogram yet i turned 50 last april so i guess i,m due one?
Thanx for the chance of winning fab sweet candy you are such a generous lady and your cards are just WOW!!!!
Trish (-:

Vicky said...

Hi sweetie can I 1st say its fabulous regarding your mammogram last week it made me sooo happy to that on your post last week. The CEA I hope & pray with all of my heart hun that you get it down. I have unfortunately lost a LOT of family through cancer my brother has stage 4 lung cancer at the mo so I know what the CEA is. You are a remarkable woman hun & you give people all over the world inspiration not just from your creations & candy but from your heart & your mind.....I think you are awesome, you really are an angel!!! I am so thankful to know you even just as a blogging friend, thankyou sweetie.

Thankyou also for the remarkable generous candies you keep offering you really truly are the kindest person there ever was hun. Thank you for having a big warm heart.

Lotsa huge hugs Vicky xxx

anne said...

Glad to hear that the mammo came out good... I have a permanent link to your site on my left side bar.. Thanks for the chances to win fabulous prizes.. and thanks for all the inspiration you give both personally and creatively.. hugs..

Marianne said...

Congratulations, Jacque!
Already am your follower.I posted about this candy in my blog and thank you for the chance to win.

Take care Marianne

anne said...

I am glad to hear that the mammo came out good.
I have a permanent place on my left side bar with your link. Thanks for all the inspiration both personal and creatively ... hugs ...

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